Gods are bored


The only kind of unpredictability that exists in the universe is quantum unpredictability, the fact that a single particle can exist in multiple states with a probability associated with each of these states. If there were a super intelligent being that could know the state of each particle in the universe at a given point of time and the probability associated with it, then he (she?) could successfully predict all the future possible states with their probabilities. This brings into question the whole concept of free will and consequently morality because morality assumes that we, as human beings, are capable of taking conscious decisions that could be either good or bad. There can be no morality without this assumption because if we take away this freedom to make a choice, then, a person is either bound to commit evil or do good and his (her?) deeds are not in his (her?) hand.

The above reasoning takes an interesting turn if we assume the existence of god, an all knowing, super intelligent being. Is this “being” bound by the same laws of predictability like the rest of us? If yes, then what sets it apart from the rest of us? The knowledge of all the possible states of the universe? If yes, what are its (his? her?) role and aim in life, if it knows the results of all its and everybody else’s action? Think about this for a second. What kind of a depressing miserable life it would be if time wasn’t a one way arrow for you, if you could move through timejust like we normal people move through space (in whatever direction they want to)? If there was no past or future and you had a recollection of not only the past but the future too. Sure you can hop around the time dimension and have you fair share of fun but, wouldn’t you eventually get bored?

Now, what if this “being” was capable of changing the course of history? But then, what does it actually mean to change “history”? If a universe is nothing but a drop in an ocean of infinite probabilities, then changing the course of history mean hopping from a one of these drops to another. Sure that would be exciting too but, wouldn’t you get bored of that too, eventually?

As I think about this, I can’t help but reach the conclusion that the more a being knows, the more bored it will get of the universe since, it would exhaust all the possible thoughts in a short span of time just like a asking a grandmaster to play a game of chess with an amateur. And since god knows everything, he would surely get bored of everything eventually and would have to keep updating to higher dimensions (time dimension, alternate universe dimension etc) to keep himself entertained. I think like the human species, there is also a species of “gods” and they have there own problems and issues to deal with just like us human beings. Its just that they operate at a higher dimension and can do stuff that might seem magical and miraculous to us. So, for a god operating at the “time dimension”, a being from the “alternate universe” dimension would seems like a god and so on.

So, they next time you pray to “god”, remember, he has his own shit to deal with and “god” you too, remember.


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