Democratic socialism is a redundant term


A new wind of right wing fanaticism is blowing around the globe. In America, an ignorant arrogant misogynist and childish business tycoon has successfully wooed adult men and women to vote for him to be the head of the state. In India, the biggest democracy in the world, the leader of a leftist student organization was arrested for shouting anti-national, anti-government slogans and the move was widely lauded by people for all over the world. In Australia, with the national election just a month away, parties have openly called for a stop to the “Islamisation of Australia”.

So, when did it become acceptable for a govt. to arrest student leaders for giving “anti-national” speeches, for presidential candidates to call for the complete banning of the people of a particular religion and when did it become cool for angry young adults to take on to social media to post bigoted statements to show or rather prove (without anyone demanding a proof) their patriotism.

These winds created by the flapping of right wing have come to fill a vacuum created by the absence of any serious left leaning political party in most parts of the world. Socialism has become such a taboo word that the US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who has mildly leftist thoughts has to constantly defend his class of socialism by calling it “democratic socialism” which is just absurd because socialism by definition is democratic. If there is govt or party out there that calls itself socialist but is not democratic or supports undemocratic means for wealth distribution then its a autocracy masquerading as a socialism to gain legitimacy.

True socialism has to be democratic because socialism is much more than just a economic doctrine that demands for equitable distribution of wealth. It is a social movement that believes that in a civilized society. all the members should have access to a minimum level of well being and should live with integrity. If power is concentrated in a few hands, this is not at all possible. Hence, this attempt to rescue socialism (and its sad a philosophy that ought to be natural and universally accepted still needs protection) by joining the word “democratic” is completely stupid.

If there are still people in the world who believe that their fellow men deserve to die of hunger for lack of food and clean drinking water, die of diseases for lack of access to cheap health care and die of cold for lack of a shelter and clothes then, it is not socialism but, humanity that needs rescuing.


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