Taking Decisions: The “Half-empty” way

Decisions. I have yet to come across a good definition of life, but "a series of choices and decisions" would not be inaccurate. Come to think of it, isn't that what we do every second of our lives. Which restaurant do we go to? Should I talk to that girl? Is it okay to fart … Continue reading Taking Decisions: The “Half-empty” way


A case for philosophy

This is a fruit fly, scientific name, Drosophila melanogaster. Every year, thousands of scientists across the globe, spend millions of dollars and man hours studying this fascinating creature. I happen to be one of them. More specifically, I wish to study motivation and decision-making in these creatures and hope to, one day, be able to … Continue reading A case for philosophy

Monogamy : You shall not…marry more than once

Before initiating a dialogue on this topic, one needs to be very clear about the definition of the term in question. There are several definitions of monogamy(and consequently, polygamy) depending on the context. I am not really an expert on this subject and I haven’t really gone through the pain of researching how the experts … Continue reading Monogamy : You shall not…marry more than once

Democratic socialism is a redundant term

A new wind of right wing fanaticism is blowing around the globe. In America, an ignorant arrogant misogynist and childish business tycoon has successfully wooed adult men and women to vote for him to be the head of the state. In India, the biggest democracy in the world, the leader of a leftist student organization … Continue reading Democratic socialism is a redundant term