Here I am

Why am I writing this blog? To be honest, I am trying to pick up all the thoughts, that have recklessly tumbled out of my head and pile them up in a neat stack. A stack that will stand as a proof of my usefulness. The thing is, I spend a little too much time meditating on such questions as “What is the purpose of my existence?“, “Does god exist?“, “Is time travel possible?“,”Is being a vegetarian moral?“, “Is homosexuality natural?“. Unfortunately, most of my thought endeavors, my pondering on such questions of debatable importance, fail to yield any tangible result and hence, I have often been accused of procrastinating. Though, I gracefully (some might say, shamelessly) accept the charges leveled against me, I am yet to understand why this act, which, I believe, is a symbol of human development, is met with such scorn by most people. After all, isn’t this what our ancestors worked so hard for? All the scientific breakthroughs and technological advancement, isn’t this what they were all supposed to lead to? A utopia where we could delve inside our minds and stay there as long as we wanted, walking trough the darkest of trails, hoping to find some light that might show the way to those who come after us.

Well, apparently that is not how the world works or so I am told, and so, my thoughts roam around looking for a safe refuge. To put it straight, this blog is a desperate attempt at offering legitimacy to “my thoughts”, little bastards borne of the unholy alliance of my brain and lots of free time.

This blog owes its existence to my special friends, who have indulged me and my ramblings. Future content, if there be any, would come from my conversations with these unfortunate souls. A special note of thanks to the person who inspired, nay, nagged me to write this blog. I have undertaken quite a few of the aforementioned endeavors with these friends and I believe, we have enlightened each other. Continue reading “Here I am”

Here I am